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USS Enterprise CVN-65

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This unique lithograph is among the most striking portrayals ever created of U.S.S. Enterprise, the world’s largest and first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. It commemorates and celebrates one of America’s most powerful and versatile miltary assetts and depicts the vessel in all her glory. It also includes notes and facts, such as the ship’s history and vital statistics.

The print measures 18″ x 24″ and looks great in a frame.

Text from the Portrait:

As the eighth ship to bear the name “Enterprise,” this powerful Force for Freedom with her valiant men and officers accepts her magnificent heritage and proudly carries this tradition into the future.


At her launching, Enterprise (CVN-65) became the world’s largest warship and the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. At her commissioning she was pronounced a worthy successor to her previous namesakes… that she will reign a long, long time as “Queen of the Seas.”

While homeported in Norfolk, Virginia, Enterprise made three deployments with the 6th Fleet. And with her awesome presence, contributed mightily in forcing the Russians to remove their ballistic missiles from Cuba during President Kennedy’s blockade of 1962.

As Flagship of Operation Sea Orbit, Enterprise, along with USS Long Beach and USS Bainbridge, performed a new feat in naval history as the first nuclear powered task force to steam around the world without a single replenishment or refueling.

In 1965 Enterprise transfered to the 7th Fleet (homeported in Alameda, California) and became the first nuclear powered warship to engage in combat. On that first dat (2 December 1965) her pilots made 125 combat sorties and unleashed 167 tons of bombs and rockets on the Viet Cong. The next day Enterprise set a new record of 165 strikes in a single day. Completing her first combat tour (5 June 1966) Enterprise had launched 13,020 sorties and dumped 8,000 tons of ordinance on the enemy. Totally, Enterprise made six combat deployments to Southeast Asia. She won five Battle Stars and two Navy Unit Commendations.

Following her ninth deployment (January 1979), Enterprise underwent an extensive overhaul. New weapon and electronic systems were installed, the interior modernized and Enterprise’s unique exterior changed. Subsequently, Enterprise has continued her vigilant service to our country… Enterprise twice operated in the Northwest Pacific Ocean… first in a two-carrier battle force; then as part of a three carrier force. And on three occasions Enterprise exercised in the Sea of Japan. Her 12th deployment saw her cruise 6.5 months. She covered more than 45,000 miles and spent 93 days at sea on station in the Indian Ocean.

As USS Enterprise (CVN-65) carries on the proud tradition of her predecessors she salutes the men and women who have served her so well.

Special Recognition

On 29 April 1986, while deployed with the Pacific Fleet, USS Enterprise (CVN-65) made a historic passage as Flagship of the first nuclear powered battle group to transit the Suez Canal.

History of Ships Named Enterprise

History of Ships Named “Enterprise”

Enterprise No. 1
A 70-ton sloop captured, May 1775, from the British by Benedict Arnold. Subsequently she fought against the British.

Enterprise No. 2
A 25-ton schooner bought, Dec 1776, by the Continental Congress. She serves as a convoy escort and also spied on enemy ships in Chesapeake Bay.

Enterprise No. 3
A 135-ton schooner commissioned Dec. 1779. She fought during the quasi war with France, against Tripoli in 1802, and during the War of 1812.

Enterprise No. 4
A 197-ton schooner of 10 guns. She made a cruise around the world, 1835-1836.

Enterprise No. 5
A steam-powered corvett commissioned March 1877. She served surveyors on the Mississippi, Amazon and Madeira Rivers.

Enterprise No. 6
A 66-foot motor patrol craft. She performed harbor tug duties at Newport, Rhode Island.

Enterprise No. 7
The First “Big E”. A renowned aircraft carrier of World War II. This 25,000 ton ship fought brilliantly at the Battles of Midway, Guadalcanal, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. She was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation, a Navy Unit Commendation, and 20 Battle Stars. As one of more than 100 carriers produced during WWII, she was commissioned 12 May 1938 and decommissioned 18 February 1947.

Symbols of Pride, Patriotism, Courage and Dedication to Duty

A high degree of Enterprise’s power dwells in her embarked airwing. Each aircraft in each squadron contributes to the success of the carrier’s missions.

Squadron are:

VF-213 Blacklions (F-14 Tomcat)
VF-114 Aardvarks (F-14A Tomcat)
VA-22 Fighting Redcocks (A-7E Corsair)
VA-94 Mighty Shrikes (A-7E Corsair)
VA-95 Green Lizard (A-6E Intruder)
VS-21 Fighting Redtails (S-3A Viking)
VAW-117 Wallbangers (E-2C Hawkeye)
VAQ-133 Magicmen (EA-6B ICAP II, Prowler)
HS-6 Indians (SH-3H Sea King)

This work was completed in 1986.