USS Ranger CV-61

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This unique lithograph is among the most striking portrayals ever created of USS Ranger, the seventh ship to take its name from Roger’s Rangers of the American Revolution. It depicts the aircraft carrier in all its glory and includes interesting notes, such as the ship’s history and vital statistics.

Text from the Portrait:

Three city blocks long, the USS Ranger (CV-61) takes its name from Roger’s Rangers which was organized during the Revolutionary War. A “Power Force for Freedom,” it is the eighth ship of the fleet honoring the state of New Hampshire’s Militia.

Ranger’s crew hard at work


The first Ranger, a continental frigate, was commanded by Captain John Paul Jones. While on a diplomatic mission to France, the Ranger received the first salute of recognition of the American flag from a foreign power.

The USS Ranger (CV-61) was built at Newport News, Virginia by the Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. and commissioned 10 August, 1957.

This work was completed in 1980.